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10 Reasons Job Applications are a Waste of Time- Forbes

“When you complete an online job application, you’re guaranteed exactly nothing. You may get an interview and you may not.

You may hear back from the employer or they may remain silent forever.

There’s a reason I call the online job application system the Black Hole.”, says the author in Forbes.

Headhunter removes the job application and resume from the first step of job searching and hiring. It’s a waste. But don’t take my word for it, take someone who has looked for a job. Ever wondered why 83% of job searchers hate the process? Finding a job should not be this painful and inefficient. Job applications are the problem… at least when used as the gateway.

Online job applications are typically read by keyword-searching algorithms rather than human beings. They don’t work. They are dehumanizing. They are incredibly time-consuming. They are obnoxious. They are mojo-crushing. Black Hole recruiting processes are slow. They are tedious and frustrating to complete. They are broken. There are better ways to get a job… just download Headhunter and you’ll see why.

Oh and it gets worse from Forbes. There is a horrible truth about all the time people spend filling out job applications.  Many times they’re auto-trashed, which is the only thing worse than having a robot kick you out of contention because your keywords didn’t “match”.

Headhunter brands your company as progressive and transparent… and respectful of the person looking for a job. It is a humanized approach to recruiting without all the wasted time and inconveniences.


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