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Candidates Self-Qualify: I posted a job ad and the results are “fake news”. VIDEO

The buzz word these days is “fake news”. Well, these job boards are full of fake news. They have HUGE outreach, but their keyword matching tools don’t help you hire faster and better. The results are simply “fake interest”. I put out a job listing for a shipping clerk paying minimum wage and purposely gave it a horrible one-lined job description. Why would anyone in their right mind show interest in a job (or company) that didn’t even take time to describe the job requirements?

Well, the job board emailed me over 20 job candidates in just a few minutes from my job advertisement. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll find my perfect hire in that group (rolling my eyes). They haven’t even read about the job, much less seen what my company culture is about or who I am.

Watch 5 minutes here:



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