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Personalized Experiences Overlooked in Hiring

This has been on my mind a lot. I love technology and the efficiencies it offers, but there is still plenty of room for personal contact and social experiences. I often run across articles like this that remind companies about personalized customer services.

Replace the word “customers” in the following quote with the word “employees” or “job candidates”: “Customers have a lot of choices, and personalized service can set your business apart from the competition.”

Are the people running and operating our business any less important than the customers?

Modern human resource efforts are moving too quickly to integrate robotic and inhuman screening and matching processes. Good employees are not defined by a few keywords that can easily be misrepresented in a text document. It goes much deeper than that, and this can be difficult. Artificial intelligence and algorithms have and will continue to have a place in many parts of our operation, but too many managers and owners are leaning a little too much on these trendy techs instead of doing the more difficult thing– personalizing the experience.

Headhunter was created to make the “analog” difficulties with job searching and recruiting more efficient and effective. Hiring the best fit for your company becomes a faster process and an easier one by putting the most important qualities of the applicant on the table during the first step. Personality, communication and character fits are easy for employers to see using Headhunter, and job seekers get the exact same experience. Both parties can prequalify themselves at the very first stage of hiring without wasting large amounts of time with job applications, resumes, and scheduling interviews on a packed calendar.

Headhunter boosts the personalization of your company brand. Don’t fall into the trap of dehumanizing such an important process that has very real long term impact on your bottom line.


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