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REPORT: Want Better Hires? Move Faster.

“The No. 1 reason candidates turn down a job offer is that the hiring company didn’t move quickly enough.” says Fox Business News.

When dealing with applications and emails, many managers let them pile up over weeks or even months, and then screen all at once. This takes a lot of time between the first applicant to the last (if the last applicant even gets looked at!). Headhunter allows you to manage the recruiting process in real-time through mobile notifications… and with a higher probability they will accept an invitation for an interview since they have seen your job video listing!

In seconds you’ll get notified and can quickly view the candidate’s video profile that gives not just skills and experience, but personality and communication ability. Then you can decide if there is mutual interest with a single click. If so, contact them through the Headhunter app and get them progressing! The candidate will be more motivated when asked to fill out the job application and schedule the interview since they have seen the video job listing and you have seen their video profile. This higher degree of confidence will create a faster hiring process with a better result for both parties.

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